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Angioletti and Diavoletti are small sausages perfect for appetizers and starter. They are made with pure pork which has been minced, salted, spiced, stuffed into natural casings and which has undergone necessary maturation. Varieties Angioletti are sweet, Diavoletti are hot. Ingredients Pork, salt, pepper, hot or sweet chilli pepper, natural flavouring, dextrose and sucrose. Preserving agents: E252 potassium nitrate and E250 sodium nitrite. Antioxidant: E301 sodium ascorbate. Shelf life and storage conditions 180 days. It is recommended to store the product in a cool and dry place at 8° C, away from direct sunlight and with no foreign odours.


Data sheet

Preserving agent
E250 - Sodium nitrite
E301 - Sodium ascorbate
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