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Payments and Shipping


No. We use different couriers to offer shipment of goods wherever you are. We do our best to meet your needs.

This is a question we are often asked. However, as you may know, most of the goods we sell are variable weight. To make the cost calculation, you need to understand the quantity, size and total weight of the goods (carton, pallet, etc.) to be shipped.

But don't worry, you tell us what you're interested in and we provide a no-obligation time and cost estimate. One thing is certain: we don't profit on shipping costs. You'll pay exactly what the courier company charges.

We accept all popular direct payment methods: bank transfer, paypal, revolut etc.

Of course! We have no problem with using a carrier you already have arrangements with and are comfortable with. On the contrary, we are pleased to learn about new businesses to include in our network, and who better than a regular customer to recommend a shipper you trust?